Buy 30 Swg, 0.0124”/0.30 mm Stainless Steel Coil in 304/316L Grade!

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We have ready stock of 0.3mm or 30 SWG stainless steel coils for our customers in India and worldwide. Customers can rely on us for top quality stainless steel coils in size 30 Swg, 0.0124”/0.30 mm, with low price and best response time. Our stock of 0.3mm stainless steel coils includes several grades, including stainless steel 304 and 316L coils, as well as other options from the 200, 300, and 400 series.

With over 500 tons available for ready delivery, Metline has made a name for itself as a leading supplier of stainless steel coils in India. The most commonly used stainless steel grades include 304, which is highly versatile and valued for its corrosion resistance and ease of shaping; 316, which features molybdenum to increase its resistance to pitting corrosion in acidic environments; 321, a variant of 304 with titanium added to improve its resistance to intergranular corrosion and weldability; and Type 430, a ferritic alloy often employed in the domestic and catering sectors for its good corrosion resistance.

Why Choose Metline, as Your Source for 0.3mm Stainless Steel Coils?

  1. More Than 3 Decades of Experience in Manufacture, Stock & Supply of 0.3mm Stainless Steel Coils
  2. Best Prices for 0.3mm Stainless Steel Coils Supplied Worldwide with Shortest Delivery Time
  3. Exporting 0.3mm Stainless Steel Coils is Our Specialty
  4. We Can Handle the Logistics for You – We can offer Exworks, FOB, CFR, CIF Delivery to Any Port
  5. Documents We Provide Include – Certificate of Origin, Invoice & PL Attested by Chamber of Commerce, Test Certificates as per EN 10204 3.1, Other Testing Reports, as may be Required by Our Customers.
  6. Complete Traceability for 0.3mm Stainless Steel Coils – There will be Complete Marking on Package, and the Details can be Co-related to the Test Certificates.